Napoli Free To Sore In Texas

Mike Napoli Stars In Deal or No Deal

Slugging Catcher Claimed Off Waivers

I was alarmed  last week when I saw Mike Napoli’s name among the list of players placed on waivers by the Angels. So when he was claimed this weekend by the Red Sox I had even more cause for concern.

While most sources are reporting a deal for Napoli (to the Red Sox or anyone else) this season is unlikely, I still find it alarming that the Angels are even considering parting ways with Naps. The two sides have to strike a deal today (August 30th) or Napoli will likely remain an Angel, at least for the remainder of the season.

Its really baffling that on a team long starved for power, Angels brass is not content with Napoli’s production. Mike Napoli is a lock to hit .250 – .270 with 20 -25 HR and decent OBP and SLG numbers virtually every year. He needs to improve with RISP but he still is among the elite catchers in the game from an offensive standpoint.

There aren’t many catchers currently available that have consistently put up this kind of offensive production. His defense/game calling both leave a lot to be desired,   but he more than makes up for it with the bat.

Napoli should be the “mainstay” at catcher and locked up long term. He’s currently under team control through next season and is “reasonably priced’ at 3.6 million dollars. Napoli offers premium power from a historically offensively challenged position (catcher).

In an off season that will have many question marks Napoli provides the Angels with a more than capable proven answer at catcher. That’s a piece the club should build on not remove from the equation.

I say no deal!

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  • Shawn

    You have got to be kidding me, is upper managment for the Angels getting dumber and dumber as the days go on? Napoli. GET RID MATHIS AND RIVERA,Go by batting avg and how they contribute to teh team. Hell lets just get rid of Weaver, Kendrik, aybar, Come on now lets not give up and kick out our own teeth here, STOP MAKING USELESS STUPID TRADES…….

  • Kalup Alexander

    I hear you Shawn..Trading Napoli unless the Angels were able to get a great return would be foolish. I know they are high on Hank Conger but why replace a proven player with a question mark?

    Update: It looks like the deadline to trade Napoli has passed so he will be an Angel at least for the rest of the year.