Jeff Mathis Is Who We Thought He Was!! (Dennis Green Voice)

Jeff Mathis Gets A Raise!

Jeff Mathis , fresh off of a  .195/.219/.278/ slash line was awarded a $400 thousand dollar raise via arbitration! He will make $1.7 million dollars in 2011 which is up from the $1.4 million he made to hit .195 last year.  

Take a deep breath and then imagine if you were to perform so poorly at your job. Would you be rewarded with such a generous “bonus”?  

The answer is no, you would most likely be fired or “let go”. 

So in summary, if you ever had even a glimmer of baseball talent and did not make it to the bigs you should be punching yourself in the face today. I just did it myslef and I already feel better.

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