Damon/Ramirez Sign with Tampa Bay - No Problem with Wells!

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An AP Source has confirmed that Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez have signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, each with a one-year contract. According to the story posted on Yahoo! News, Damon is slated to make $5.25 million with $750,000 in performance bonuses while Ramirez will make $2 million.

One part of the story intrigued me…

“Both colorful characters are well past their primes, but if nothing else they could at least provide an attraction at Tropicana Field for a Rays team that drew just 1.86 million fans last year.”

I have to agree with the story on this part. Unfortunately, in the world that we live in, public relations and business are as MUCH of the team as the lineups and transactions.

Either way, the Angels aren’t going to get Ramirez or Damon… and honestly, I’m ok with that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the trade for Vernon Wells. There’s no doubt about his bat. As the Angels press release said, “Wells is a .280 career hitter with 223 homers and 813 RBIs. His 162-game averages across nine seasons are 39 doubles, 26 homers and 95 RBIs. He has stolen 90 career bases at a 76 percent success rate.”

Wells had a great year last year with the Blue Jays with 31 homeruns and 88 RBI. Sure, his batting average wasn’t good, but look at it this way… If he had those stats with the Angels last season, he would have been first on the team in home runs (31), first in doubles (39), tied for second on the team in hits (161), second in triples (4), and second on the team in RBI (88).

When it comes down to it, Halo fans, we need Wells. If he can have a repeat season, he will be a huge contributor to this ailing offensive team.

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