Scioscia Loyalty Reigns Supreme In Texas

MLB.COM Video: Mike Scioscia Is Saying There's A Chance

Happy Saturday Halo honks! Its game day.. with the Angels and “Doyers” kicking off spring training at 12:05 PST. (you can listen on AM 830)

There was  a little glimmer of hope for our ideal lineup scenario which stresses on keeping Bobby Abreu out of the number two spot and either hitting 3rd or 6th. In this interview yesterday Mike Scioscia says theres a chance Abreu could hit 3rd “which really makes your lineup deep”. This is spot on and its glad to hear that Scios at least has this on his mind. Abreu hitting anywhere but second gives the Angels the most lineup depth. While Scioscia also mentions he most likely will slot Abreu in the two hole it will be interesting  to see how the Halos lineup pans out during spring training.

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