Scott Downs Kids Break His Toe - And The St. Patty's Day Links Complete With SOCAL Bar Tips

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Halo rockers. We got some bad news as the Angels announced yesterday that Scott Downs could miss up to a month with a broken toe. Downs sustained the injury while  partaking in some youthful shenanigans ( great name for an Irish Pub)  with his kids. This is a setback to the Angels bullpen that was shaping up to be very formidable to start the season. Downs and Takahashi had both been lights out, so when you add them to Jepsen, Walden , and Kohn the Halos were building a nice bridge to the shaky island that is Fernando Rodney. Let’s hope Downs doesn’t miss too much time and that the wife tells the young-ins that daddy’s extremities are off limits.

Onto the St Patty’s Day Links. Please remember to drink responsibly.

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