Tuesday Twitter Stalking: Howie Kendrick Will Now Be Walking Up To LL Cool J's Going Back To Cali


Howie Kendrick has a new walk up song thanks to Twitter.  Howie Tweeted an invitation for his followers to send suggestions for a new walk up song :

Thinking of changing my come out song. What do you think I should change it to? I’ll pick 1. 2 tics to a game next home stand 4 winning song.
And then announced the winner about a week later. Check out how the voting went down after the jump.
@ is the winner!!!! im gonna need your name for the tickets first and last
@ and @ are the ones who suggested those songs.NO WINNER YET. IM VERY CLOSE. LL Cool J and Gang Starr are edging the comp right now.
Next time you’re at the Big A expect Howie to step to the plate with  “Goin Back To Cali” by LL cool J bumping throughout the stadium.
All things consider Howie made a solid choice ( Although  “Work” by Gangstarr) would have been my pick) as generally each time the Angels are playing at the Big A they will have just returned from a road trip so the song is definitely appropriate. Only time will tell if Howie’s new song gets the same walk up song love  that Torii Hunter got as we chronicled in March.


The Tuesday “ Twitter Stalking” series at the Halo Hangout takes a look at the best recent Tweets from Angels players and personnel. The word “stalking” is used solely for entertainment purposes and to mock the behavior of crazy ex girlfriends worldwide. Only we wont cut up your jeans or throw your stuff out on the lawn.. We’re just stalking for fun.

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