Troy Glaus Hangs 'Em Up

It’s a few days overdue but former Angels third bagger Troy Glaus has decided to retire. Glaus was last seen in the Majors in 2010 meandering around first base for the Braves. It wasn’t pretty so the decision to hang ‘em up shouldn’t come as a surprise. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted the news from a Cinnabon at DFW…

Glaus should hold a special place in all Angels fans’ hearts. He was the last third baseman the Halos had who could actually rake. Glaus hit 182 home runs and a .253/.357/.497 line during his 1998-2004 tenure with the Angels.

More importantly, Glaus was what they call the Most Valuable Player during the 2002 World Series. He hit three home runs and a ridiculous .385/.467/.846 line over the seven game series against the Giants.

True story. I listened to game six of the World Series that year over the radio on my way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. My friend was more enthusiastic about strippers than baseball so I ended up watching game seven on a 19 inch TV at the bar of the Crazy Horse Too. I paid strippers to leave me alone to watch the game. Then I blew $400 playing blackjack at the Bellagio because I felt lucky.

The Angels let Glaus walk as a 27-year-old free agent in 2004 because they were confident in prospect Dallas McPhearson. Haha, good one, Anaheim. Glaus signed a 4-year, $45 million deal with Arizona and left a glaring power hole at third base for the Angels ever since.

After the Diamonbacks, Glaus had stints in Toronto, St. Louis and the aforementioned Atlanta before calling it quits. Glaus wound up with 320 home runs and a career .254/.358/.489 slash line. For me though, he’ll always be the guy who brought a tear to my eye in the middle of a strip club.

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