Good Luck Trading Bobby Abreu

I was pretty bummed on July 31 but it was inevetible, really. Luckily, over the years, I’ve found a way to deal with dissapointment while simultaneously helping those poor Irish laborers for Jameson Whiskey pay for food and lodging. On July 31, Bobby Abreu came to the plate for his 1,100 appearance from 2010-2011 which vested his $9 million 2012 option with the Angels. After the option kicked in, Abreu hit .225/.276/.391 for the rest of the season and I donated some money to help those poor French workers at Grey Goose.

With Albert Pujols in the fold, Rookie of the Year runner-up Mark Trumbo and hopefully-healthy Kendrys Morales won’t be able to play their natural first base position leaving them with time at DH or some zany adventures at another poition in Trumbo’s case. Abreu doesn’t fit in the outfield plans either and not just because of his traffic cone like range. Peter Bourjos, Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells are already penciled in to those spots with super-prospect Mike Trout on the verge of pushing someone out of the mix.

This leaves the left-handed hitting Abreu as a $9 million part-time DH who hit .238/.319/.279 against southpaw pitchers in 2011. That’s almost as exciting as the dent in your bumper grandma is getting you for the holidays. It’s time to take the keys away from her. Bill James projects a .260/.364/.404 line for Abreu in 2012 but I don’t know where those 490 plate appearances are coming from with the Angels. ZiPS is projecting .246/.338/.385 in 480 PA which might be a more realistic line considering Abreu only drew 25 walks in the final three months of the 2011 season.

With limited playing time (and probably production) available, the Angels might be motivated to move Abreu. A trade easier said then done. But Ken Rosenthal is reporting Abreu would be open to it plus Jerry Dipoto saying some General Manager-y type stuff…

Abreu, who turns 38 on March 11, is not the type to demand a trade, but he would welcome one, according to sources with knowledge of his thinking.

His concern is playing time.


“Right now, (Abreu) is a valuable asset,” Dipoto said Monday. “I have a world of respect for Bobby. I want to make sure he’s in a position to be productive. Right now, we have that ability.”

Rosenthal lists the Jays, Orioles, Mariners and Rays as AL teams with DH needs. I plan on starting an agressive letter writing campaign as an “Orioles fan” demanding they trade for Abreu. If the Angels are able to move Abreu, they won’t get anything in return and will have to cover, I assume, half of that ridiculous $9 million. Regardless, Abreu needs to be dealt. How much trickeration does Dipoto have up his sleeve? I think it might take a little more slight of hand than “hide the declining OBP skills under a shell” to move Abreu. Good luck with that.

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