Happy Birthday Wally Wolf

Wally Wolf turns 70-years-old today. I know I’m just one of the many bloggers rushing to their keyboards to wish the former Angel a happy birthday but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve even already had half of a Carvel Fudgie the Whale this morning in his honor. Mr. Wolf had a storied career with the Angels throwing 7.2 subpar innings during the 1969 and 1970 seasons. He had a career 7.04 ERA and 54 ERA+ but I’m pretty sure that was just due to the small sample size.

While it’s difficult to name just one highlight in the Wolf’s career, I keep going back to the April 15, 1970 game where he pitched a scoreless 9th inning against the Twins. He struck out a batter and didn’t even walk anybody. The Angels lost 8-2.

This was too many words about Wally Wolf wasn’t it? It probably was considering I initially thought he was the guy who solved problems.

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