Angels Are Done Shopping

Maybe. Probably. I’m inclined to believe GM Jerry Dipoto this time aroung because there isn’t much left on the market. Ryan Madson signed a one-year, $8.5 million deal with the Reds on Tuesday night. That should finally end the speculation that Angels were interested in the former Phillies closer. That leaves a few free agent bullpen arms like Francisco Cordero, Brad Lidge and Kerry Wood hanging around unsigned. But don’t expect the Angels to be in on them according to the Alden Gonzalez article on

“You’re never really done,” Dipoto said, “but as it pertains to where we are today, it’s very unlikely you’re going to see more significant additions to the team.”


Dipoto is looking to create more depth in the bullpen, as evidenced by the Angels being linked to Brad Lidge and still keeping tabs on Francisco Cordero, among other relievers. But Dipoto doesn’t have much left to spend and, as he pointed out, depth “can come in a variety of different ways.”

Also according to Dipoto, don’t expect the Angels to trade one of Mark Trumbo, Kendrys Morales or Bobby Abreu for help either. Trumbo and Morales are coming along from their injuries slowly while Abreu just isn’t very good anymore.

I’d continue to break Garrett Richards in to the Majors by throwing him out of the bullpen in 2012 but that’s just the Earl Weaver in me. I’m still hopeful Kevin Jepsen can have a successful and injury free season soon but there’s no evidence to suggest that’s going to happen.

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