Alberto Callaspo Gets A Raise

The Angels don’t seem to care for arbitration. The trend of avoidance continued on Monday when the Halos gave third baseman Alberto Callaspo over a million dollar raise. Keith Law had the news of the $3.15 million deal on Twitter. Perhaps I’m more optimistic about Callaspo’s OBP and defense than some but he is the best option the Angels have. Yes, I realize the six home runs and .375 SLG in 2011 aren’t exactly sexy power numbers (even with a strong set of beer goggles) for a third baseman. However, Callaspo has had an OBP over .355 for three of the past four seasons.

The advanced metrics generally like his glove a the hot corner and run prevention is part of the game too. ZiPS is projecting a .276/.334/.380 line for Callaspo in 2012 but I’m hopeful for a .350 OBP. Is this new optimistic version of me freaking anybody else out?

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