Bobby Abreu: Trade Bait?

Trade bait might not be the best description of Bobby Abreu because that implies interest from other teams. Any teams. A team. The $9 million in salary and inability to do anything but play catch while wearing a glove limits any would be suitors for Abreu. His .253/.353/.365 line in 2011 helped Abreu rank ninth out of 11 qualified DHs in fWAR (Fangraphs wins above replacement). Of course, most of that on base was aided by a .390 OBP over 242 plate appearance during the first two months of the season.

Abreu is still thought of as an on base machine but as that skill deminishes so does his value. The Halos have little leverage trying to move a soon-to-be 38-year-old, OBP only DH considering they have no room for him on their team and other clubs know it. A team with a hole at DH could look at Abreu if the Angels picked up most of the tab. Which is exactly what Jayson Stark wrote in his Tigers piece for ESPN

And other clubs are reporting that the Angels emerged from their organizational meetings last week with Abreu as “their No. 1 guy to move.” Abreu, who won the 2005 Home Run Derby in Comerica Park, vested a $9 million option for this season. So his salary is an issue. But while the Angels would love to jettison as much of it as possible, an executive of one club reports “they’ll pick up enough to make it comfortable to move him.”

ZiPS is projecting a .246/.338/.385 line for Abreu in 2012. That looks right. Even after eating most of the salary and requiring little to nothing in return, the Angels still may need to use a little persuasion to trade Abreu. It’s important for other teams to realize…

*Bobby Abreu was 21-26 in stolen bases in 2011

*Bobby Abreu is active in the community and charity

*Bobby Abreu gives great hugs

*Bobby Abreu’s nickname is “El Comedulce” which roughly translates to “candy-eater” and that’s adorable

*Bobby Abreu will move into 24th all time in base on balls in 2012

*Bobby Abreu giggles like the Pillsbury Doughboy if you poke him in the belly

*Bobby Abreu was trade for Kevin Stocker. How many people can say that?

*Bobby Abreu can make the best plate of nachos you’ve ever had

*Bobby Abreu will pass Roberto Clemente in runs scored in 2012

*Bobby Abreu has the high score in Q*bert

I could do this all day. Suddenly, I’m not as impressed with those Scott Boras free agent binders.

some Bobby Abreu facts listed above are debatable

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