Disposable Income: Angels Ebay Items

In this current economic wonderland we’re all enjoying, it’s hard to decide where to throw all of that cumbersome extra cash. Don’t worry Angels fans, I’ve done the eBay research for you. I filtered out all of the ticket packages because I assume you guys already have luxury boxes. I watched The O.C., I have my finger on the pulse of Southern California. Load up those PayPal accounts and let’s go shopping…

Los Angeles Angels MLB Men’s Legend Series” Watch”
Price: $1,499.95

It has Ronda Swiss 5040D Quartz Analog chronograph movement, which is a real thing according to Google. This $1,500 non-Movado watch is perfect for a casual real estate mogul on the way to a game. Impressive as it may seem, it does not help you calculate in-game OPS like my digital watch from the early 90s.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2002 IN-GAME Baseball
Price: $1,200

There is absolutely no significance tied to this ball other than it was used in Game 5 of the 2002 ALCS. I know what you’re thinking. For only $1,200, why can’t I buy more than one? This bidding is going down to the final minutes of stupidity.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Recliner
Price: $599.99

Sure, it’s pricey but it looks like a comfortable chair. Downside: due to the MLB logo, you can’t post pictures of yourself in the chair to Facebook without the express written consent of Bud Selig.

Los Angeles Angels LA Kitchen Pub Table Furniture
Price: $398.95

This one is pretty sweet too and I’d think about purchasing it. But I don’t have a kitchen in my mom’s basement.

Chip Hale #5 Los Angeles angels of Anaheim MLB Game Worn Used Jersey 44
Price: $274.99

Talk about collectibles. Chip Hale had a single and two walks in his 14 plate appearances in 1997 for the Dodgers. The Angels signed him on December 22, 1997 and traded him to St. Louis on March 30, 1998. He played in 132 games for Triple-A Memphis that year and never got another swing in the Majors.

So this Angels jersey must be from Spring Training 1998. Hale is listed at 5’11 and 180 pounds but a size 44 still seems a bit small for that frame. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this auction. *fights urge to bid*

1963 Los Angeles Angels Yearbook
Price: $250.00

Small price to pay to relive Bo Belinsky’s 1962 rookie-year no-hitter!

Los Angeles Angels LA Modular Carpet Tiles Rubber Flooring
Price: $224.95

As long as you’re remodeling your wine cellar, why not go with rubber Angels floor tiles? Aside from class and public opinion? If you do decide to go with this option, I’ll email you the links to the Torii Hunter and Jered Weaver Fatheads.

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