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Mattingly Stakes Dodgers Claim To LA

Skipper Don Mattingly went into typical manager speak when discussing the Dodgers-Angels rivalry. Mattingly basically said that LA is still Dodger city despite the recent moves by the Angels. He failed to mention the obvious point. You know, that the Dodgers actually play in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t care too much about this non-story but I’m pretty sure he called the Angels the Mets and I don’t have to sit around and take that kind of abuse. From Tony Jackson of

“It’s kind of like Mets-Yankees,” Mattingly said just before the Dodgers’ first full-squad workout of spring training. “The Yankees are the team. (The Mets) are going to have their years when they play well, but the Yankees are still the team. I don’t want to badmouth the Angels at all. Mr. (Angels owner Arte) Moreno has done a great job down there in Anaheim, and (Angels manager) Mike (Scioscia) does a great job. But we’re the Dodgers, and that isn’t going to change.”

The Angels are the Mets to the Dodgers’ Yankees? Get back to me after your bankruptcy is over. Sorry, that was low. I’m better than that (not really). I do love the analogy coming from Mattingly though. Donnie Baseball’s Yankees made the playoffs once during his tenure while the Mets were pretty good and won the World Series in 1986.

The Angels finally topped the Dodgers in attendance in 2011 and inked a $3 billion TV deal with Fox. With the expensive additions of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, owner Arte Moreno is gunning for a World Series. Soon. While the Angels might not be “LA’s team,” the immediate future is much brighter.

But hey, at least you guys aren’t called the Los Angeles Dodgers of Elysian Park Ave.

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