Angels Struggle With Ball Of Light In The Sky

You’d think the Angels players would be more familiar with THE SUN playing half of their games in Orange County. It’s not like Seattle, after all, where my sources tell me the sun doesn’t exist. But the Angels made miscue after miscue at home, during the day, on Thursday. I wish I could remix the clip of the balls lost in the sky with Yakety Sax but Bud Selig won’t even let me embed most MLB videos. He’s a tyrant and must be stopped. Here’s the link to the The Dropsies starring the Halos for your amusement. Demusement?

If you don’t want to click over, I’ll cover the lowlights.

Drop 1
Mike Trout loses track of the ball in the fourth inning and it glances off of his glove for his first error of the season. Listen, it happens to the best of us sometimes. Same thing happened to me when I was nine and I caught a weird glare off of my Brett “The Hitman” Hart sunglasses.

Drop 2
Howie Kendrick loses a popup in that godforsaken ball of fire in the fourth inning and Trout wasn’t able to make it in from left field in time to save the day.

Drop 3
In the fifth inning, Kendrick misjudges another pop fly and it falls in between Kendrick and Trout again. Trout raced in but was unable to save the day for a second time, making me wonder if my line of Mike Trout super hero pajamas is going to make any money.

Drop 4
In Maicer Izturis‘ defense, he was running to center field from second base when he missed the catch in the sixth inning. It would have been a very poor man’s, hobo level, Willie Mays catch had he made it. But the sun, yet again, ruined it for all of us.

I expect GM Jerry Dipoto to seek approval from owner Arte Moreno to fire the sun. It’s the only rational thing to blame for Thursday’s loss.

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