Mike Trout Does It All

At some point, we’re all going to stop being amazed by Mike Trout. Maybe. He’s fast. We knew that. Tuesday night against the Yankees, Trout took flight.

Nick Swisher felt the wrath of the Angels slick fielding outfielders, Trout and Peter Bourjos. It was Trout, though, who robbed Swisher of a home run in the second inning. The catch was nothing short of spectacular and it shouldn’t be shocking he made it since Trout appears to be some kind of baseball mutant from a comic book. Trout added an RBI triple in the third inning but it was his defense that was the highlight for one night.

Trout would be the center fielder on just about any other team in the league but the Angels have another elite defender playing center in Bourjos. I keep emailing Mike Scioscia about my two-man outfield, five-man infield idea but it’s only being met with cease and desist letters from his attorney. I’m a visionary. He’ll see, you all will see…

In the meantime, check out Trout’s world class thievery thanks to one of the few embedable clips from MLB.com.

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