May 2, 2012; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels batting coach Mickey Hatcher (7) before the game against the Minnesota Twins at Angel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Albert Pujols Confirms We Were Right About Mickey Hatcher

I hate to say I told you so is probably one of the most patently false statements there is in the english language. I mean its human nature to want to be right about things,  so why lie and tell people that  your ashamed you were right? Its like telling someone you hate cold beer and girls in bikinis. Just keep it real.

When it comes to baseball theory and strategy you can bet your ass that most dudes want to be right about what ever the hell they are talking about. Count me amongst those dudes. Back in April for what felt like the thousandth time I  called for the dismissal of Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher saying:

To use a football analogy – the Angels hitters are consistently out schemed. Their approach doesn’t seem to vary from game to game based on the opponent (the starting pitcher). The hitting coach is in essence the offensive coordinator for a baseball team. Its his job to prepare hitters to succeed before and during the game and from there it is the batters job to execute the plan.

The Angels consistently feel like a team without an offensive game plan. They run the same play over and over again despite its ineffectiveness. Does the game plan ever change? It sure never seems so.

Well guess what? This week Albert Pujols confirmed I was right. When commenting on the Angels recent offensive surge Pujols told  the LA Times:

“One thing we’ve been doing is we’re really communicating well — that’s something we weren’t doing,” Pujols said after the Angels improved to 15-4 since May 22 and moved to within 21/2 games of Texas in the American League West. “We knew we were going to be where we’re at right now, but communication has been a key — how we’re going to approach a pitcher, saying, ‘Hey guys, he’s doing this right now, he’s changing his plan.’ We’re able to make adjustments, and that’s a big thing.”


While the Angels turn around at the plate was likely inevitable, a large part  of the credit can also be attributed to the  departure of  Hatcher and the improved communication and the  in game planning and adjustments being made by new Angels hitting coach Jim Eppard – which Pujols describes above. Prior to the change the Halos were 16-21 with a .250 average, .301 on-base percentage and .379 slugging percentage . Since Mickey got the boot, they have gone  17-8 with a .275 average, .337 OBP and .432 slugging percentage

Full disclosure: I love to say it…I told you so.

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