Mike Trout Drinks SuperDrink

Wanna be like Mike? Too bad. He’s 21-years-old and the best player in Major League Baseball. Sure, maybe when you were 21, you were the reigning beer pong champion at your community college. But that’s kind of apples to oranges. You might not be able to be like Mike but you can drink the same sports drink as him now. The Angels rookie phenom finally got an endorsement deal which also makes him a shareholder.

The company BODYARMOR makes a sports drink. The SuperDrink. Apparently the creative department was out sick on product naming day. The deal makes Trout a “partner” and gives him an equity stake in the company. Trout’s duties as partner will include attending events,promotions and, more importantly, product testing. I assume that means drinking the SuperDrink but I’m hoping it includes inventing new flavors like cherry-jalepeno or pickle juice. Shake things up. Everybody’s already had Orange Mango and Raspberry Blueberry Goji.

I’ve never heard of BODYARMOR before but the name makes me feel like they make socks. But if Mike Trout is hocking it, I’m willing to give it a try. I like sports drinks. I like hydration. I’m out of luck though as there isn’t a retailer within 50 miles from me in New Orleans. If some one would like to send me a bottle I’d be happy to review it.

Let’s see what Mike has to say about SuperDrink…

“I expect a lot of myself on the field and the same goes for what I put into my body. Nothing else keeps me hydrated like BODYARMOR SuperDrink,” said Trout. “The big league season is a long one and I need the best fuel to perform. BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ packs an amazing amount of nutrition and hydration into one bottle. There is nothing else like it. That’s why I’ve joined their SuperTeam as a shareholder.”

I don’t think the BODYARMOR public relations department could have written that statement any better themselves. Anyway, congratulations to Mike Trout for landing his first national endorsement deal even if the product isn’t sold in Louisiana.

FUN FACT: Mike’s favorite flavor is Strawberry Banana Guava.

[BODYARMOR SuperDrink]

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