What do you mean the season is over? We still have goals to achieve "blue."

Link Hangout - Going Out With A Whimper Edition

LaTroy Hawkins talks about his career with Fangraphs, more Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout debate and, who’s to blame, well, everyone. Mike Trout didn’t get to the 30-50 plateau, Jered Weaver didn’t get win number 21, but no matter, this season was over a couple of days ago. Lots of questions need to be answered this coming offseason and hopefully, Jerry Dipoto starts with the bullpen.

Angels pen-alized by relief corps

Like I said, the bullpen. Ernesto Frieri for most of the season was a very pleasant surprise. But, when you rely on Jordan Walden‘s inconsistencies and a pair of 39 year old’s pitching well over their heads, disaster should be expected. Kind of like August. I understand that Torii Hunter and Zack Greinke are at the top of the “Things we need to take care of list,” but get after the bullpen to while you are at JeDi.

Money Quote:

No one should compare the Angels’ season to Boston’s, not when the Angels won 89 games. Only nine Angel teams have won more, and only three have had a better slugging percentage.

But the Angels did not lose their chance in April. They lost it in a nightmare stretch in July-August, when they went 18-24 after the break.

Oh that month.

Miguel Cabrera, the Triple Crown and the MVP issue

I really don’t see much of an issue. Of course, I am also extremely biased. So yeah, there’s that.

Money Quote:

“Triple Crown is cute, but there’s something very arbitrary and dated about its categories,” wrote Keith Law of ESPN (US:DIS) last week, who called the feat “an anachronistic way to look at the game that is wildly out of tune with how front offices look at players today.”

Aw, that’s cute.

Q&A: LaTroy Hawkins on His Long and Blessed Career

LaTroy Hawkins has been around for a long time, like, a really long time. He wasn’t great this year, but he wasn’t bad either. Kind of like the rest of his big league career.


This is kind of like Oprah, except nobody is getting a car.


This season was a huge disappointment, but even disappointments need a eulogy.

Money Quote:

What Went Right: Is it OK if I just write “Mike Trout” two hundred times for this section? No? Alright, fine. If you aren’t aware of the phenomenal season Mike Trout is completing, then you are hereby banned from following baseball


Well, I guess that’s that. At least there were some good times this year. Here’s the Angels top 10 minutes via Angels.com

Top 10 Moments of 2012

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