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My 2012 BBA Award Ballot

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of year when baseball writers from the days of yore rave about archaic stats like RBI and make terrible puns about WAR (wins above replacement, catch the fever). The BBA (Baseball Bloggers Alliance) is the Internet’s counterpart to the BBWAA and has its own end of season awards. And they even kind of sort of matter in the sense that the BBWAA made the BBA change their award names to avoid confusion between the two. They want a WAR? We’ll give them a fWAR. As you can see, I did not get in to that fancy Pun University all of the New York Daily News copywriters attended.

I posted my ballot for the BBA on Friday for Off Base Percentage in the General Chapter of the BBA. You can see my NL picks over there but I wanted to share my AL voting here so you can mock away when the BBWAA awards come out and Derek Jeter finishes in the top 10 for MVP.

AL Stan Musial (top player)
1. Mike Trout
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Robinson Cano
4.Adrian Beltre
5. Justin Verlander
6. Joe Mauer
7. Edwin Encarnancion
8. David Price
9. Josh Hamilton
10. Austin Jackson
Hey, Cabrera had a typical monster season and winning the Triple Crown is neat. Hopefully it will land him a nice endorsement deal with Burger King for some 4,000 calorie fast food creation. Trout won his own Triple Crown by being first in stolen bases, runs scored and being better than everyone else at baseball.

AL Walter Johnson (top pitcher)
1. Justin Verlander
2. David Price
3. Jered Weaver
4. Felix Hernandez
5. Chris Sale

Or Yu Darvish.

AL Willie Mays (top rookie)
1. Mike Trout
2. Yu Darvish
3. Yoenis Cespedes

AL Goose Gossage (top reliever)
1. Fernando Rodney
2. Greg Holland
3. Darren O’Day

AL Connie Mack (top manager)
1. Buck Showalter
2. Bob Melvin
3. Joe Maddon

I tried to vote Mike Trout for every award. That’s how good he was in 2012. I’ll have to settle by voting for whichever Presidential nominee promises to make Trout the Secretary of Kicking Ass.

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