May 23, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Robert Coello (59) delivers a pitch in the ninth inning of the game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. The Angels won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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Flavor of the month, Robert Coello, gets another profiling, Jered Weaver takes another step towards returning to the Angels rotation and, just who is this Billy Buckner that is going up against the Royals tonight. Six in a row. Six wins in a row. That’s kid of like two winning streaks, right?

Angels Robert Coello Keeps Hitters Guessing With Hybrid Pitch

So we’re going with “forkleball” as the name of Coello’s crazy knuckle/fork ball, huh? I guess that’s better then the not-appropriate-for-this-blog name that I had.

Money Quote:

“There’s no consistent action to it — it’s unpredictable,” Chris Iannetta said. “I try to stay relaxed and find a way to catch it.”

Great. Iannetta already has a tough enough time behind the plate.

Weaver Takes Another Step Towards Angels Return

These are popping up more often then stories about the Angels non-pitcher, Ryan Madson. Which would make me skeptical about Weaver’s existence, if I hadn’t already seen him pitch in an Angels uniform.

Trout Showcases Power, Speed Against KC

Has he ever. It would probably be a good idea though, if Mike Trout sent Marty Foster a fruit basket or something for that free stolen base he got last night.

Angels Development

Linked for the Rock-A-Doodle reference. Other than that, I know nothing about Arrested Development, so, yeah.

Halos Matching Buckner Against Royals

I know nothing about this Buckner kid. I wish somebody would write something that gave us a little bit of background information on him.

Who is Angels Pitcher Billy Buckner

Well, that was convenient.

Elsewhere in Baseball

Marlins Pitcher Oblivious to Spitball Rule

Really? Seriously? The ball was slick, so you spit on it to get a better grip?

Torii Hunter Plays Catch with Make-A-Wish Child Named After Him

Torii Hunter is the anti-(insert player with a massive attitude problem here). He has long been one of the good guys in baseball, even if he does make ill-advised comments about the possibility of having a homosexual teammate.

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