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Ryan Madson feels good after playing catch, time is on the Angels side and, Jered Weaver has a bit of a potty mouth. Happy weekend, everyone.

Madson Feels Good After Playing Catch

Until next week when he is dealing with more inflammation, or some weird feeling in his elbow, or because of a stubbed toe. The clock is ticking, ticking, ticking away, and his window of usefulness to the Angels post TJS is getting smaller and smaller each day.

As They Find Stride, Angels Know Time is on Their Side

Yes, there are 107 games left to be played. Yes, that is a lot of baseball. But, it’s the same situation that the Angels found themselves in last year, so I don’t fault fans for being a wee bit apprehensive in breaking out their wallets to secure post season tickets just yet.

Scioscia: Things are Still Settling With Rotation

And the rotation has been settling all season. The performance of late has been as good as it can be, and if it sustains, then this team is in business. The problem is, sustaining this high level of performance. I, personally, have my doubts.

Hamilton Returns to lineup, Pujols Gets Rest

And Brendan Harris gets the start at first base? I’m all for letting Albert Pujols take a day off, his wobbling running is making my knees hurt. But, Mark Trumbo? First base? No?

Angels Sticking With Six-Man Rotation for Time Being

Which means that Joe Blanton is going to continue to get starts. Which means that I am not a fan of this decision.

Dr. Yocum and the Impact of Tommy John Surgery

The word “countless,” as in “countless pitchers’ careers have been extended thanks to Lewis Yocum…” is an understatement.

Pitching Settles in, and Angels Succeed

A little Jason Vargas love, which he should be getting a lot of from Angels fans thanks to what he has done this May.

Jered Weaver has a Potty Mouth

Weaver showing the fine tutelage that received from John Lackey.

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