Link Hangout - Let's Play Two, Edition

Angels fail to take advantage of their schedule, the team also added a promising young southpaw in the draft and, what could Howie Kendrick bring in a trade?

The Angels Fail to Make the Most of Their Golden Opportunity

Well, isn’t that pleasant? Of course, the reason that the Angels went 15-14 during this “sweetheart” stretch in their schedule could be because, this team, just isn’t as good as we all thought that they would be.

Angels Add Promising Young Lefty in Draft

The great part about this pick, is that Hunter Green was though to be a late first round selection. The scary part: The Angels allotted bonus money is a hair under $3MM. And they were given only $942,000 for their first selection (If they go over that, it affects the later round choices. If they go over the total amount, there are penalties). If Green is expecting to break the bank, he isn’t going to do it here. And it’s possible that he goes off to college to improve his draft stock if he can’t get the kind of bonus he was expecting.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Swings

C.J. Wilson makes J.D. Martinez look ridiculous. Or maybe it was that Martinez made Wilson look good? You be the judge.

Angels Order Fan to Take Paper Bag Off of His Head

Take note; you cannot wear anything over your head while at Angels Stadium. Nothing at all. Don’t do it. Even if it is funny.

Angels Working to be Consistent

I don’t think a team can actually work to be consistent. They either are, or they’re not. Or maybe the Angels are being consistent this season. Consistently bad.

In the Ninth Round, Angels add Backstop Depth

After seven straight picks being used on pitching, the Angels finally got a position player, and it was a catcher. If the Angels sign this kid, who wants to set the over/under on how long before Mike Scioscia has gotten into his head and thoroughly screwed him up?

Trade Candidate: Howie Kendrick

Wouldn’t that be something? Kendrick finally puts it all together as a hitter, after years of teasing Angels fans. Then, gets traded. Howie is easily a top-10 Major League second baseman though. If he is traded though, I would expect it to be for prospects, not for an established big leaguer.

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