Link Hangout - Winning is Fun Edition

Mike Scioscia has confidence in Jered Weaver, the defense has become a liability and some first impressions from the Angels 2013 draft class.

Scioscia Confident Weaver is Making Progress

To note, Weaver has had one good start since coming off of the DL. Of course, he is still effectively in his “just coming out of spring training” phase of the season thanks to his injury. His velocity has been a little better since coming back, but he needs to right his ship, and right it quick. With a near automatic loss in Joe Blanton, this team can ill-afford or Weaver to be under performing.

Angels Hope to Iron out Defensive Woes

Outside of the offense, the defense was supposed to be one of the biggest strengths of this team, and Alberto Callaspo‘s recent lull in the field has been a lightning rod for scrutiny.

Speaking of defense

Angels Defense isn’t Exactly Gold Glove material

To be fair to Hank Conger‘s mentioning in this article, he rates highly among Major League backstops in terms of pitch framing. He also has at least a little bit of arm strength, unlike Chris Iannetta.

Inside the Matchup: Pujols vs. Rivera

Albert Pujols vs. Mariano Rivera should’ve been huge. Instead, Pujols went quickly and quietly.

Is Howie Kendrick an All-Star Game Starter?

I didn’t get the memo, but it seems that this is “Pimp Howie Kendrick” week.

How to Fix the Los Angeles Angels

Put pitching staff in dumpster. Pour gasoline into said dumpster. Light dumpster on fire.

Callaspo Looks to Break out of Slump at the Plate

Although troubling, his hitting slump is not nearly as annoying as his fielding slump.

Trout fastest to 200 Runs Scored Since 1940

Congratulations, Mike Trout. Please sign this blank check that Arte Moreno was forced to has already agreed to.

Initial Impressions of the Angels 2013 Draft Class

ALL THE PITCHING! Oh. There’s more? There’s a video. Wow! Seriously, watch the video.

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