Mike Scioscia Has Lost It With Todays Lineup

Normally, I don’t write something because of the lineup that Mike Scioscia releases to the press. I put it out on social media, and let you guys have at it. Today’s lineup is different. Today’s lineup is special. Today’s lineup, if it were on a restaurant’s menu would be called “Get Away Day Du Jour.”

J.B. Shuck – LF
Howie Kendrick – 2B
Albert Pujols – DH
Josh Hamilton – CF
Mark Trumbo – 1B
Alberto Callaspo – 3B
Brad Hawpe – RF
Hank Conger – C
Erick Aybar – SS

C.J. Wilson – P

No Mike Trout. No Peter Bourjos. No logic whatsoever. Hamilton in center field with both Hawpe and Shuck in the same lineup together. This is what Peter Venkman warned us about.

There are three options for this lineup to actually exist. They are:

1.) Mike Scioscia drew 12 names from a hat. Then he spun himself around 10 times while blindfolded and threw darts at the names, and probably struck poor Peter Bourjos in the calf. That guy can’t catch a break this year.

2.) Scioscia is taking full advantage of the off day tomorrow. OK, maybe. But to that I say, Mike Trout is only 21 years old, and probably doesn’t need the day off. If Scioscia wants to give someone a mental/physical/sit-your-butt-down-and-take-a-load-off day, he should give it to Pujols. Because even though Pujols has looked less hurt lately, he still looks like he could use a scooter from the Scooter Store on most days.

3.) The fearless leader is simply messing with us. OK, probably not going to happen. But I’m holding out hope that in an hour he’s going to show the beat reporters in Houston his actual lineup, have a good laugh, and, while laughing, blow lasagna out of his nose.

Whatever the reason, Scioscia is doing something that Crash Davis warned Nuke LaLoosh about, he’s effing with a winning streak. You don’t do that. You never do that. On the brightside, it was fun while it lasted, right? I’m going to go repeatedly slam a frying pan into my head now.


Peter Bourjos has a fracture in his right wrist thanks to the HBP yesterday. He will miss 2-3 weeks and is headed to the DL. I’m going to need an extra frying pan to beat against my head.

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