Link Hangout - Take A Breather Edition

So now Peter Bourjos is heading to the DL, Mike Trout has tight hamstring and, Albert Pujols prepares for his first matchup against his former team.

Angels’ Peter Bourjos has a Fracture Below His Right Wrist

This is the Baseball Gods’ way of taking atonement for Mike Trout being moved out of center field, isn’t it? Isn’t it!? Don’t they realize that Peter is a better defender then Trout? Don’t they realize that I need my Peter to be playing? Don’t they realize that my Peter Bourjos shrine doesn’t have the same luster when he’s hurt? I’ve gone too far, haven’t I?

Angels’ Mike Trout out of Lineup With a “Little Hamstring Issue”

Luckily, the Angels won while Mike Trout was out of the lineup. Of course, that didn’t stop my Yankee fan co-worker from pointing this out and stating that since the Angels don’t need Trout to win, that we should trade him to the Yankees. Still not happening.

Hamilton May Have Saved Four Runs with Two Awesome Catches

One thing that was lost in all of the hoopla that was the Josh Hamilton signing was that, despite what the defensive metrics say (and they can vary wildly from year to year), Hamilton was never a slouch in the outfield. And he’s never been afraid to crash into a wall. He put his defensive prowess on display the other night, and it was a big reason why the Angels came out on top.

Los Angeles Angels Top-50 Prospects Midseason Report

My boy, Kaleb Cowart, needs to get his swing from the left side going. Another notable mention is that of Taylor Lindsey. Howie Kendrick has two years remaining on his contract, and it looks as though the Angels have a stellar backup waiting in the wings.

Pujols Adjusting to Life as a Designated Hitter

Good thing Albert adjusted quickly. He should’ve known that he was destined for that spot the moment that he signed with an American League team.

Pujols Takes on Cardinals for First Time Since Signing with the Halos

All the hype ever. All of it. Except the series doesn’t really carry the same weight with the two teams playing in Anaheim. Now, if they were playing in St. Louis. Well, that’s a horse of a different color.

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