Link Hangout - Trout, Puig, Trout Edition

Mike Trout is too valuable to move down in the order, Mike Trout can relate to Yasiel Puig and, Mike Trout can cure cancer with his smile Albert Pujols is considering offseason surgery.

Trout is too Valuable to Remove From the Top of the Lineup

Technically, Trout would still be at the “top of the lineup” if he is moved down to three hole. And with Pujols still mired in his season long struggle to walk from the bench to the dugout railing, it might be time that this just happens.

Trout can Relate to Puig Like Few Others

You know who else can relate to Puig’s meteoric rise, Jeff Francoeur. Don’t believe me? Read this.

Halo Effect: Hamilton Improving

So, maybe I jumped the gun earlier this week when I brought up Josh Hamilton‘s lack of power during his now 11-game hitting streak. And in my opinion (because I want one), it looks like chew in his lip.

Scioscia says Puig Hasn’t Earned an All-Star Birth Yet

You could say the same thing about Trout and Bryce Harper last season. And some did. What a bunch of crazies, right? But, in their defense, they came up at the end of April, Puig didn’t debut until June. So, maybe Mike Scioscia has a point here, and isn’t simply being biased.

Williams to Face Red Sox on Two Days’ Rest

Ruh Roh. The Angels are 2-0 on staff days though. So, maybe they have a chance.

Los Angeles Angels: All-Star Preview

let’s all just face the facts; Mike Trout is going to be the only Angel to make the All-Star team this season. My condolences to Howie Kendrick who absolutely deserves to be included in the mid-summer classic, but this is just how it’s going to be.

Angels’ Albert Pujols on Possible Offseason Surgery

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there big guy. You might be able to play more first base. But I would rather you played a lot more DH, and keep those legs as healthy as possible for the duration of your contract. I would rather not see you forcing your legs to get you out of the box when you are 40.

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