Link Hangout - Sell Sell Sell Edition

First it was Scott Downs, then it was Alberto Callaspo. The dominoes are falling, and they are falling quickly. One thing is for sure, when Jerry Dipoto says “we’re open,” You better believe that he means it.

Cardinals Have Asked About Aybar

Hmmmmmm, I think I remember mentioning something once a couple days ago where I stated that the Cardinals were a good fit for Erick Aybar. Oh yeah, I did.

Angels Giving Trout Longer Look in the Three-Hole

Well, Mike Trout is the best option. In fact, he was probably the best option before Albert Pujols went onto the DL. But who am I to tell Mike Scioscia how to run this team.

A’s, Angels Engage in Intra-Division Challenge Trade

Yeah, I wouldn’t call this a challenge trade. Mike Trout for Bryce Harper is a challenge trade. Fred McGriff for Roberto Alomar is a challenge trade. Albert Callaspo for Grant Green is the Angels getting younger and (marginally) cheaper. He also gives them a closer to the Major Leagues option should the Angels trade Howie Kendrick.

Angels Are in Selling Mode as Deadline Nears

As well they should be. This season has been cooked long enough. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

Angels are Trying to Harvest Better Crops Down on the Farm

Must. Resist. Farm. Pun. Joke.

Shuck Shrugs off Silent Treatment

I don’t know how J.B. Shuck was able to keep his cool after hitting his first home run. I’m pretty sure I would have pole danced my way around the basepaths if I were in a similar situation. Or do cartwheels. Cartwheels seem to more appropriate/acceptable.

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