2013 Angels in Review: Tommy Hanson

The Angels added four Major League pitchers during the offseason. Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett, Joe Blanton (barf) and Tommy Hanson. The decision making paradigm behind adding these four players probably should have been burned the day that it was introduced to the think tank in the bowels of the Big A. In order, the Angels got no production, almost no production, terrible production, and a little bit less than terrible production. Not exactly a banner day for this team.

In Tommy Hanson’s case, he was considered broken before he got here. But, he was traded for a seemingly broken reliever in Jordan Walden. And common sense tells me that if you can make a one-for-one trade where you net a starter for a reliever, you do it. Every time. Every. Single. Time.

Well, every time except for this one time, apparently.

The ginger from Southern California had been dealing with shoulder and back ailments while in Atlanta. He missed time three times this season, twice for family reasons, and once for an injury. He only made 13 starts for the Angels and spent a month in AAA. He posted a career high ERA of 5.42, a career high WHIP of 1.548 and career worsts in K/9 (6.9) and SO/BB (1.87). And, on top of all of that, he is arbitration eligible for the second time. And since the Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t allow a team to lower a players salary, that means he is in for a raise, right?

Well, yes, that is right, but only if the Angels actually tender him a contract. Which , hopefully, they won’t.

Don’t feel sad for Tommy though. I’m sure he will catch on somewhere, make himself a decent amount of money next year. But he simply cannot be allowed to make money as an Angel. Regardless of the depth issues that the Angels might have at the pitcher position, that doesn’t mean that they should simply be throwing away a spot for someone who was as bad as Hanson was in 2013 when he played, and showed once again that his right arm is ready to explode at any given moment.

You always make the trade that makes sense. And a reliever for a starter makes sense. Jerry Dipoto and the Angels got burned this time. Fortunately, they don’t have to relive this mistake, and they can simply let Tommy Hanson walk away.

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