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Sports’ betting is one of the top ways that some fans fill the close season months, alongside debates and speculation about the chances for their team and others. This is the position that baseball fans are in just now, with the 2013/13 MLB season having ended in October and the new one not due to start until nearly April, and it makes it helps to explain why the outright betting at bookies is always so intense, so early. It would be fair to say that the LA Angels have been earmarked as contenders next season by bookies, both for the American League and the World Series, with promising odds having been placed on them for both.

You can get 15/2 on them for the American League pennant and 16/1 for the World Series, and these are odds that will have a lot of baseball betting fans marching to bookmakers (or just switching on their phones or laptops) to place bets on the Angels for either or both of them. They are surely not a bad pick, but gambling on any team for the next season’s MLB seems more than a bit rash at this stage, and there are few downsides to waiting until nearer the start. If the pre-season goes to plan then the Angels odds won’t change much, while if it doesn’t you will avoid a waste of money – and there are always casinos like www.jackpotcity.co.uk offering baseball games.

You can’t really go wrong with any of them, with most being slot machines, meaning they guarantee a cash and/or coin jackpot, good chances of pay-out success, cheap gaming and great game or prize bonuses. For example, Hot Shot, a baseball themed slot, has virtually all of these features, and combines them with sound and visuals that evoke a typical MLB baseball encounter. The reel background is a baseball green while the five actual reels contain baseball caps, gloves, hitters and pitchers, while the sounds of the watching spectators and the bat hitting the ball can be heard as you play. If all this sounds good, then you have the perfect way to spend the close season, rather than rushing into an outright MLB bet.

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