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Sean Burnett to resume throwing on Jan. 1st

Guess what? I still like the Sean Burnett signing. Although, I’m going to feel a lot less dumb about it if he doesn’t actually contribute in 2014. So, Sean, if you wouldn’t mind, get healthy and stay that way. Please.

Angels Sign a Monster

Greatest. Pitching. Name. Ever. Mike Monster. That is just…perfect. Unless of course he is more of a cuddly monster. Then, well, it kind of loses its bite.

Fallout From Freese-Bourjos Trade

Still don’t like it. Nope. Not even a little. OK, maybe I like it a little. But it is going to be a real bummer if Jerry Dipoto isn’t able to acquire some kind of pitching through a trade this winter. David Freese at third base is nice, but anything other than Joe Blanton on the mound would be a heck of a lot better.

Pierzynski Signs with Boston

Just in case you felt a little twinge of support for the Boston Red Sox during the World Series, here is a really good reason to continue not liking them. They signed A.J. Pierzynski yesterday. I rest my case.

Trout, Hamilton Bobblehead Nights Announced

Not only is he the best player in baseball, but now Mike Trout will have the best bobblehead in baseball. Also, I heard a small rumor that the Josh Hamilton bobblehead includes a free tattoo and a free pass to watch the “juicing lady” at three o’clock in the morning. Just a rumor, though. Probably nothing.

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