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Sean Burnett to resume throwing on Jan. 1st

Guess what? I still like the Sean Burnett signing. Although, I’m going to feel a lot less dumb about it if he doesn’t actually contribute in 2014. So, Sean, if you wouldn’t mind, get healthy and stay that way. Please.

Angels Sign a Monster

Greatest. Pitching. Name. Ever. Mike Monster. That is just…perfect. Unless of course he is more of a cuddly monster. Then, well, it kind of loses its bite.

Fallout From Freese-Bourjos Trade

Still don’t like it. Nope. Not even a little. OK, maybe I like it a little. But it is going to be a real bummer if Jerry Dipoto isn’t able to acquire some kind of pitching through a trade this winter. David Freese at third base is nice, but anything other than Joe Blanton on the mound would be a heck of a lot better.

Pierzynski Signs with Boston

Just in case you felt a little twinge of support for the Boston Red Sox during the World Series, here is a really good reason to continue not liking them. They signed A.J. Pierzynski yesterday. I rest my case.

Trout, Hamilton Bobblehead Nights Announced

Not only is he the best player in baseball, but now Mike Trout will have the best bobblehead in baseball. Also, I heard a small rumor that the Josh Hamilton bobblehead includes a free tattoo and a free pass to watch the “juicing lady” at three o’clock in the morning. Just a rumor, though. Probably nothing.

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  • [email protected]

    Mike, I may not be as quick witted as you but you may have sent Hamilton to the IR after the kidney punch you gave him as he was Injesting his 3 A M juice.
    As I’ve said before, Mike Trout has the best skill set in baseball. Does it make him the best player, possibly ? Does it make him the most valuable, NO !
    Football and or baseball experts would declare Cam Newton and Mike Trout as having the best skill sets in their respective sports. Tom Brady, P. Manning and Miguel Cabrera are the Most Valuable! When a player is challenged with multiple critical opportunities and that player has a success rate higher than his peers and can show leadership = VALUABLE !
    Experience is HUGE in developing leadership qualities and performing in the clutch. When Mike Trout can become more successful in critical opportunities then he will earn the right to become that Clutch player. He would be a BEAST if he develops into that next level of performer.

    • [email protected]

      You may ask how did Miggy show leadership. I’m sure that when he tore his groin muscle that he was told that he could have surgery now and end the season or take pain killers and play through the injury until the season ends. Players understand playing through pain, but Miggy was playing through a surgery requiring injury. That may not be the best choice for a player who is due to have a contract expire in roughly a year but it shows the team the dedication in trying to win a championship for a owner who is in failing health.
      As for why on earth would Oakland pitch to Cabrera in a scoreless game with a runner on base in the last game of a series ? ? Just comes to show why Miggy earned back to back multiple awards.