Bullet Dodged. Robinson Cano Signs With Mariners

Last night, it seemed like the Mariners were seemingly done dealing with Robinson Cano, CAA and Jay-Z. Demands of an extra year, jokes about having “99 Problems,” it was over. A terrible first date. Until the next morning when you wake up and think, “You know what? That girl last night…she had a great personality. I really enjoyed her company.” In most cases, that leads to a phone call, maybe lunch, possibly a second date. In baseball, it leads to 10 years and $240M. I really hate exchange rates sometimes.

What does this have to do with the Angels? Probably nothing. Not once were there any significant reports linking the Angels to Robinson Cano. Outside of Jon Heyman and his spit-balling, it was never going to happen. The Angels already have too much money on the books with the recent signings of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. They also have the elephant in the room that is “what to do with Mike Trout?” He needs to get paid eventually.

But, and be honest, in the back of all of your heads sat this little inkling of an idea that was saying to you, “You just know the Angels are going to go after Cano if he remains a free agent into January.” Admit it. And the conversation in the front office probably would have gone something like this:

Arte: “Jerry? How are you today?”

Dipoto: /puts down Chinese finger-trap “I’m good, boss. What’s on your mind?”

Arte: “Well, Jerry, Robinson Cano is on my mind. I think we should go after him. I don’t trust Hamilton, we can trade Howie Kendrick and who knows what kind of condition Pujols is going to be in next season. Let’s go get Cano.”

Dipoto: /cleans phone after spitting out soda /coughs “Um, sir? That’s a really bad idea. The past two offseasons we have doled out quite a bit of money to players who are passed the primes of their careers, we need pitching badly and we also have Trout’s future to think about. Its a bad idea.”

Arte: “Jerry, it is my money. I know what I have been saying about the luxury tax and that I don’t want the payroll to go that high. But I think we need to do this.”

Dipoto: ……….

Arte: “Jerry? You there?”

Dipoto: /flatlines

Okay. Maybe it doesn’t go down like that exactly. But, don’t tell me that you weren’t at all worried considering the modus operandi of the Angels front office over the last two years. It was bound to happen, and we were all bound to hate it.

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