Matsui Welcomed Back With Hugs

By Unknown author

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I’m not a Yankee fan, obviously, but when a team does something classy, it’s nice to take a moment to recognize that, I think. Today the Yankees received their World Series rings. Hideki Matsui, now with the Angels, was also there and able to receive his ring in front of his former team’s home crowd, and he got not only a nice ovation from the crowd, but the Yankees’ players left where they were standing and ran to mob him with hugs. It showed that, at least on a personal level, they seem to miss having him in the clubhouse with them. Not a bad gesture, for a team that is fueled by pure evil.

The Yankees then continued their welcome back party for Matsui by thumping the Angels 7-5, and holding Matsui to an 0-for-5 day.

For those interested, you can see the video here.