Torii Hunter Knows How To Say I’m Sorry

By Unknown author

We’ve  heard on multiple occasions how nice of a guy Torii Hunter is. Tales of his “locker room” presence and charitable contributions have been frequently recanted throughout the years.  With all that said I was still struck by Hunter’s blunt honesty after Tuesday’s game, which marked the Angels 73rd loss of the season. (8 more than the club had all of last season)

It was refreshing to hear Torii say:

"“Us, as a team, we apologize,” Torii Hunter said in the Angel Stadium clubhouse. “I apologize, but we apologize. We need to play better. Can’t give the fans what they want, the viewers what they want. We need to do what we’re supposed to do. This is what we get paid to do on a day-to-day basis.”"

In an era where athletes frequently make excuses like: ” well if we were healthy”.. “we just haven’t gotten any luck”…”you cant win em all”.. and the list goes on. Hunter just flat came out and said hey, I’m sorry. No excuses, no were trying our best nonsense,  just a flat out apology. As a fan of the Halos its hard not to appreciate the sincerity. This team has been a total disappointment. Its not a question of effort, the players on the team have just not performed up to expectation or in some cases up to their ability. It’s been a rough year for the ball club.

I’m sorry too Torii.