Bourjos And Trumbo Could Be Key for 2011 Angels

By Unknown author

Now that the fat lady is definitely busting out her ” do – re – mi- fa – so- la -ti -do’s“.

Lets shine some light on a  few interesting scenarios for next year’s Halos.  One intriguing piece of the 2011 equation (Peter Bourjos) has already been called up and inserted into the lineup. Bourjos has provided a spark defensively YET  like most recent Angel call ups has struggled at the plate. He has shown some surprising power ( 5 hr)  and if he can improve  his  plate discipline ( just 6 walks in 169 at bats) he could be an option to lead-off for your 2011 Angels. Mike Scioscia and company are hoping Peter can hone  those skills in winter ball.

Another part of the 2011  mix potentially  is September call up Mark Trumbo who (surprisingly)has yet to get many At bats. What is a little discouraging is that in those 10 Ab’s he has looked completely over matched and Brandon “Woodesque” by striking out 7 times! Unlike Bourjos,  Trumbos’ success will MOSTLY be measured by what he does at the plate. The Angels are hopeful that Trumbo’s power (31 HR’s ) , and recently learned patience (.360 OBP) will translate well from AAA to the big leagues.

If Trumbo materializes into a legit source of power it could mean great things for the 2011 Angels and the wallet of Arte Moreno. Trumbo can play (albeit mediocre) both of the corner outfield positions (LF, RF) as well as first base. This flexibility assuming he displays the ability to hit and hit for power at the next level could be key for the Angels in 2011.

Here’s How:

With Bourjos proving he can handle every day duties in center field , The Angels then suddenly become too deep at  first base and also at all of the corner outfield spots. I think its safe to assume Hideki Matsui will not be back (despite his hot finish) so that most likely leaves Bobby Abreu as the current favorite to DH in 2011

That then leaves five  players to play three positions. 1B, LF and RF

Torii Hunter

Kendry Morales

Jaun Rivera (assuming he’s not traded)

Bobby Abreu ( Occasionally)

Mark Trumbo

That number balloons to six if  the Angels manage to land Carl Crawford , or Jason Werth to play LF. What Trumbo’s emergence likely would mean is extreme flexibility for Tony Reagins and crew. They could trade Rivera, let Matsui walk , sign one of the aforementioned outfielders and acquire some bull pen help all without then worrying about refilling a vacancy. The potential lineup and bench while certainly  not the 27 Yanks would be an upgrade over this years club.





1B: Morales

RF: Hunter

2B: Kendrick

C: Napoli (if not traded)

SS: Aybar

3B: Callaspo


1B/ OF: Trumbo

OF: Willits

INF: Maicer

C: Conger , Wilson

3B/SS: Wood