Update: Baseball Playoff Schedule – Still Stupid

By Unknown author

So it happens every year at this time. The MLB playoffs start (usually with the Angels in them) and half the population doesn’t even know.  This is largely in part to the fact that for some unknown reason Bud Selig and the MLB schedule makers decide to play the games at the most asinine hours known to man kind. Take today for example, Game 1 Texas vs. Tampa Bay started at 10:30 AM.PST. and the Reds vs. Phillies started promptly at 2:07 PM. PST!

The fact that the opening round of the  MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYOFFS is on at the same time as Jerry Springer, Days Of Our Lives, and Maury Povich is a complete joke. The NFL or NBA would never do this. I know playoff baseball drags on forever and you just can’t have three prime time games going on until 2 AM. , but there is a happy medium. The NFL thrives on games that are played at the same time and giving fans a choice. Baseball should do the same. Check out the jump for a schedule that actually makes sense!

How today’s schedule should have looked:

Rangers vs. Rays –  7:07 PM. EST.

Reds vs. Phils – 7:35 PM EST.

Yanks vs. Twins – 8:37 PM EST.

This type of schedule gives an overlap where most fans can watch the ending of each game and also allows local fans to have no issue actually attending the game of their favorite team. Just think of the creativity  Rays fans needed to display in order to leave work at 1:30 today and head to the Trop? Should  little St Petersburg Johnny have to ditch school in order to go see his beloved Rays?  This really isn’t rocket science and would go a long way towards improving baseballs fictitious standing as America’s past time.