Rangers or Yankees? That Is The Question

By Unknown author

Match-up Between Two Bitter Rivals Has Halo Fans Perplexed

As an Angel fan this ALCS match up between the Rangers and Yankees has been hard to watch for many reasons.

1.  Literally because as we lamented earlier some of the games have started at 1 PM PST.!

2.  This series has featured two of the three most hated American League  rivals ( minus the Red Sox)  facing off.

3. Former Angel stalwarts Vlad Guerrero, Bengie Molina and Daren Oliver have been key figures in the Rangers success (minus the game one meltdown by Oliver) . Daren O’day although limited in this series is also a member of the Rangers bullpen bringing the former Halo total to 4, actually make that 5 if you count former Angel Dustin Moseley in the Yanks pen. It’s that whole  ex girlfriend syndrome all over again.

So which team is the lesser of two evils?  Who should Angel fans root for with the Rangers currently ahead in the series  3 -2?

Sadly I’m inclined to root for a Yankee comeback. Call me petty or vindictive if you want , but I really don’t want to see Vlad hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy as a member of the Rangers. I also fear what a defending World Series standing Rangers ball club would look like next year. A trip to the series likely increases the Rangers chance to retain Cliff Lee and gives an already supremely talented group even more confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the mind set that past success does not always guarantee future success but just  a cursory glance at the ages next to the Rangers core players will tell you we could already be looking at a perennial contender.

So Lets Go Yankees! Lets not expedite the process….

Man do I feel dirty typing that.