Free Agent Fiasco Alert: Carl Crawford’s Agent Team Sends iPad Video

By Unknown author




In A Lebron – Esque Move Prize Free Agent’s Camp Sends iPad Compilation Video

Now I’ll admit that I might be reading way too much into this, but it was reported in the St. Petersbrug Times  that Carl Crawford’s Agent group recently sent (teams who have ALREADY expressed interest in Crawford)  preloaded iPads cued up with highlight  video showcasing  the free agent’s baseball prowess. The video was also stocked with glowing testimonials from baseball people around the league. 

Ummmm….. Really? This was a bad move and here’s why.

Crawford’s team sending out  this iPad video is the equivalent of the 5 star  running back re-sending his highlight tape to the Colleges that have already offered scholarships. It’ s like  The Roots  or Coldplay re-sending their latest album to the Grammys for review. Its pointless and in my opinion ultimately sheds some light into how the process of signing Crawford will go. Do they think teams need even more footage of Crawford than they’ve seen in the last 10 years? The teams have already express interest in Crawford’s services because they know he’s a great player. Sending the iPad video seems very narcissistic of Carl Crawford. I know his “team” was behind the production but don’t think for a second he doesn’t have the final say so.

If  Angel fans thought signing Crawford was going to be a quick and easy process they are in for a rude awakening. It appears Crawford’s Legacy Sports team was impressed with Lebron’s and his teams shenanigans this summer and are attempting to make Crawford’s signing an event rather than merely a “decision” about where he plays baseball.