Reagins And Angels Lose Again.. Crawford Signs With Red Sox

By Unknown author

Red Sox Steal Angels Prize Free Agent Target

Angel fans are going to be mad. There’s really no way around it. Carl Crawford, was projected by any one with an Internet connection to be an Angel. One source even went as far as to say  that after talking with the Angels’ people, he was stunned by how confident they were about eventually signing Crawford.

“The way they spoke of him, the source said with a laugh, “it was almost like he was already on their team.”

So Crawford spurning the Halos to sign with the Red Sox Wedensday night has sent shock waves  throughout Halo Nation. The stinging criticism Reagins, Moreno et al will receive  for the next few days. weeks or months will be largely a result of not only missing the boat on Crawford but also what happen two winters ago. Remember Mark Teixeira?

The issue appears to be  a lack of aggression on the part of the Angels brass. Sources  are  reporting the Angels “only” offered 7 years / $108 million for Crawford. If that’s the case , given the Jayson Werth deal the Angels either weren’t really serious about landing Crawford or really have been in hibernation all week. So now the Angels are officially on the clock. They need to make a splash. Angel nation is reeling. Torii Hunter’s reaction to Crawford signing with Boston says it all:

"“That hurts my heart, man,”But hey, what can you do? You’ve just got to go on to the next one. Congratulations to him. He deserves it. I’m disappointed, man. I really wanted to play with him.”"