“The Angels Are A Pretty Nice Organization” – Carl Crawford Keeps It Real

By Unknown author

Amid all the different rumors of  how Carl Crawford wound up a Red Sox instead of an Angel,  one quote from  his introductory press conference this weekend makes all of the speculation unnecessary.

"“I had interest in the Angels, but at the end of the day, I felt my situation would definitely be better here in Boston,” Crawford said. “The Angels are a pretty nice organization, but at the end of the day, I think that my heart is in Boston."

Assuming the offers were similar, its clear that Crawford simply preferred the Red Sox over the Angels. You cant really blame him either. The Red Sox are in a better position to win (See Adrian Gonzalez), and Crawford feels his natural power is to left center so as he ages he will be able to prolong his success in the batter box by playing pepper with the Green Monster in left field. 

For Angels fans, lets just hope Crawford referring to the Halos as a “Pretty  nice organization” isn’t what Adrian Beltre thinks as well. A pretty nice organization is like when a girl tells you your’e a nice guy and all but…..

The Angels need to get back to being cool and rebellious, because aside from the long ball that’s what chicks dig.