Finally! Angels Make Formal Offer To Adrian Beltre

By Unknown author

So we got some good news and some bad news from Arte Moreno’s interview with the LA times released today. As customary lets start with the bad news first. We want you to  leave this post with your Holiday cheer filled spirit in tact, keeping you ready to dominate  the masses at your local mall if you are so brave.

So the bad news was that Moreno proclaimed to Mike DiGiovanna that the Angels never made Carl Crawford a formal offer!  Here is how Moreno described the proceedings.

"There were rumors out there, but we never made an official offer, and no parameters were discussed,” Moreno said, alluding to reports the Angels made a six-year, $108-million offer with a seventh-year vesting option that would have pushed the deal to $126 million.Moreno and General Manager Tony Reagins met with Crawford and his agents in Houston in November, and they were poised to make a significant offer to the former Tampa Bay star, “but we never had the chance,” Moreno said.According to Moreno, Reagins met with Crawford’s agents on Dec. 6, the first night of the winter meetings in Florida. The agents told Reagins at that meeting that “they already had a deal,” Moreno said, but Reagins was not told with whom. Two nights later, Crawford agreed to terms with the Red Sox."

I get what Moreno is trying to explain here and as we’ve eluded to its clear that Crawford preferred to play in Boston, but what this again shows is the Angels lack of aggression. How and why did Boston already have an offer on the table before the Angels even pulled up a chair? A prevailing theme in Free Agency is if you snooze you lose , and right now it looks like the Angels really like to sleep.

On to the good news and what appears to be the first signs of  the Angels “awakening”. Moreno told the LA times that the Halos have made a significant offer to Adrian Beltre. While Arte did not specify the details of the offer one would think its somewhere in the 4 -5  year $64 million dollar range (which is what the A’s offered) . So here we are ,albeit a few weeks later than most Halo fans would have liked, but the Angels finally have a ball in the air. Now lets wait for the completion.