Offers Are Like Curtains – Angels May Be Out On Beltre

By Unknown author

Big Joe Mcdonnell is reporting  that a source has confirmed the Angles offer ( reported to be worth a total of $70 million over 5 years has been rejected by Agent Scott Boras. If this is true and not just normal Boras free agent shenanigans then the Angels are out on Adrian Beltre.  Arte Moreno has already proclaimed the Halos will not budge on their comfortable contract amount.

Only time will tell how this shakes out but  you would think if Beltre really had a better offer out there from some team he and Boras would have jumped on it. Scott Boras has been quoted before saying: “Offers are like curtains they open and close from time to time but they are always in the room.”

So we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Update: The stumbling block on getting the deal  done appears to be the Angels unwillingness to guarantee a sixth year.  I think this is the right move by the Halos, 6 years  would be too much and too long to offer Beltre. Despite their recent inability to develop a 3rd basemen one is bound to emerge by then. Kaleb Cowart maybe? Having a 38 year old Beltre in the fold would be an almost immovable road block.