Sanity Check: Tony Reagins Is Still Delusional

By Unknown author

I tend to be a pretty positive and optimistic guy. I mean I had high hopes for Burlesque  and Life Savers Soda. When R Kelly and Jay – Z teamed up for the Best Of  Both Worlds  I thought  it would be a sure fire success.  So the fact that I’m appalled by Tony Reagins unwillingness to admit that this off season has been disappointing should mean something.  When ask by the LA Times  if this off season has been a complete failure Tony had the audacity to reply:

"“To say this off-season has been a complete failure, I’m not ready to admit that,” Reagins said."

Really Tony?

While I don’t expect Reagins to come out and fully condemn himself  and Arte Moreno for their passive approach to Free Agency , a little admission of guilt and anger would go along way toward restoring Halo fans confidence in management and the direction of the team. The fact that Reaginsdoes not appear phased by his inability to improve the team is alarming.  Are the Angels really this out of touch or is the defiance and arrogance a result of them having some unforeseen trick up their sleeve?

Only time will tell.