Angels 50th Anniversary Season in Trouble…

By Unknown author

The stage of the 50th anniversary season of the Angels franchise is not looking so hot. With the debacle of an off-season that Angels GM Tony Reagins and owner Arte Moreno have already established, anything past a sub par .500 season is all but a reality. It will take an act of God by the almighty Himself for this team to be anywhere near a post-season birth.

Besides an every day third baseman who can bring something to a lackluster offensive lineup currently in place to a solid closer with a team whose bullpen could prove to be a season-changing commodity, one has to wonder who Reagins is looking at signing before the start of the baseball season.

What should he be considering right now? What should Reagins be looking for in a fairly depleted free agent market? Should he look for power? Should they consider finding players who will help raise the OBP? MLB Beat writer Lyle Spencer took a look at this very question on the Angels website. Check it out!