Angels Quote of the Day

By Unknown author

***Photo Courtesy of the The History Buff

Today’s quote comes from the OC Register Angels Blog in a story where Jeff Miller sounds off about the “hot air” that is spewing from Angels GM Tony Reagins regarding the failed off-season signings.

"They can continue playing the laughable “if a player wants to be an Angel” card (yeah, right, like being on a team with one title in a half-century of doing business is every kids’ dream).Players don’t want to be Angels. Players want to be rich. Until this team adjusts its stance and decides to really play the free-agent game, this maddening inaction is going to continue."

This will a new feature that will surface once a week or so. As I read other blogs and stories about the Angels, I find quotes that stand out pretty heavily… these quotes are ones that will resonate heavily with the voice of the Angels fans as well as the media regarding the Angels situation.