Soriano Signs with the Bad Boys…

By Unknown author

I’m really curious as to when the riots will start.

The Yankees signed Alfonso Soriano to a three-year, $35 million contract earlier today., and you can all but guarantee that Angels fans are furious.

After what has been considered one of the most disappointing off-seasons in recent history for the Angels, I don’t blame Angels fans for revolting against their hometown team. Keep in mind that there were GOOD signings in Takahashi and Downs, but the major problem areas for the Halos, namely at third base and at closer, have not yet been addressed.

Let me ask you this… did you expect much more? Reagins and Moreno have already proven that they’re not willing to budge from their stance of “economic sense”… that the players “should want to play for the Angels”, but here at the Halo Hangout, we already know that Tony Reagins is dillusional.

Don’t think time is running out in this season’s free agent class? The OC Register has put together a list of the remaining free agents left in 2011, and it doesn’t look pretty.

The Angels are, for the most part, entering into the 2011 season with close to the same roster as last season. Do you think the results are going to be any different?

What do you think?