Arbitration Madness: Aybar And Morales Sign But Aybar Makes More?

By Unknown author

Here we go again, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Angels have agreed to terms for 2011 with Kendry Morales and Erick Aybar . Both players were due raises via arbitration. Rosenthal is reporting the 2011 deals are worth $ 3 million for Aybar and $2.97 million  for Morales.

While not Jeff Mathis absurd , you have to scratch your head at Erick Aybar making more than Kendry Morales. These arbitration guys sure  have a “different” way of thinking.

More on this as it becomes official.

Update:The Angels also agreed to terms with Howie Kendrick and Reggie Willits bringing the total to four signings on the day. That leaves only Jered Weaver and Mike Napoli’s deals left to be worked out. Here are the expected salary increases as reported by the LA Times. 

Morales will receive $2.975 million, a considerable raise from his $700,000 salary in 2010 (probably the reason he will still make less than Aybar). Kendrick will be paid $3.3 million, up from $1.75 million last season. Aybar will be paid $3 million  after receiving $2.05 million last season, and Willits will  get $775,000, which is up from the $625,000 he made last year.