Angels Burning Questions Pt 2 – Manny Ramirez

By Unknown author

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As reported in the last article, the Los Angeles Angels Official Website posted a great article on the burning questions for the remainder of the off-season. I loved the article so much that I decided to break it down a little bit.

If you missed Part I, check it out!

Part II deals with the prospect of Manny Ramirez bringing his services to Anaheim.

"Manny Ramirez seems like an intriguing option for the Angels. A reporter from ESPN Deportes said the Angels have inquired about him, but is it a realistic option for the Angels? Last time he was a free agent, I remember hearing the Angels say he wasn’t a fit for the team, but that can change in a matter of two years.— Jeremy O., Riverside, Calif.Contrary to popular opinion, Ramirez generally is highly respected by peers. The Angels players talk about his talent with something bordering on awe, and his performance under pressure is without equal among contemporary position players. He has not delivered a full season of work since 2008, but a motivated Ramirez, with something to prove and an incentives-loaded contract, still could be a force.A safer choice, obviously, would be Vladimir Guerrero. Vlad is coming off a big year and also would be highly motivated, just as he was this season, to prove that his former club (the Rangers in this case) made a mistake letting him go. I love the idea of Guerrero coming back. To know the guy is to love him."

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind… “He’s a distraction.” We all know and love (note the sarcasm) Manny being Manny. His on the field antics are enough to take away from the virtue of the game, but when it comes down to it, you cannot argue with the offensive onslaught that he has given to the teams who have employed him.

It’s very interesting to hear the article talk about how Manny is generally accepted throughout the league. I, like many, would have thought that his, at times, disrespectful actions towards the game would have detracted from so many fans throughout the league, but we also do not see the clubhouse and leadership side to Manny’s game. We don’t know what he’s like in the locker room… we only see what happens on the field.

HALO HANGOUT’S TAKE: If it comes down to a point where there are NO other options, I think Manny would be worth a one-year rental. He’s due to come through with a big season at some point. We need the bat, and Manny certainly brings one with him.

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