LYLE SPENCER (MLB Network Writer): Angels appear to be after Manny and Vlad

By Unknown author

Most of the other stories we’ve heard have been rumors but, according to Lyle Spencer, MLB network writer, it has been close to confirmed that the Angels are pursuing Manny Ramirez and Vlad Guerrero.

The following was reported in Spencer’s Blog:

"Angels eyeing Manny, Vlad?The Angels appear to be interested in both Manny Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero as free agents, according to a report by Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes. Citing sources, Rojas reports that both players are closing in on free-agent deals. One source suggests Ramirez is likely to sign by the beginning of next week.The Angels, Twins, Rangers, Rays and Blue Jays have shown some interest in Ramirez, but Minnesota is out after signing Jim Thome. The Angels, Rangers and Rays appear to be pursuing him most aggressively. Rojas hears that Ramirez is determined to redeem himself after a disappointing season and money is not his primary concern.Guerrero, according to a source, believes the Orioles have the inside track on signing him, but the Angels are another possibility. – Lyle Spencer"

My favorite line… “Manny is determined to redeem himself after a disappointing season and money is not his primary concern.” Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him. I’m sure Moreno is happy to hear that money is not his primary concern!

Don’t mess with a superstar who’s determined to redeem himself, especially someone of Ramirez’s stature. He’s had a lot of pride issues in the past, so expect a big season from him!

Guerrero + Orioles = a thought I would never think would be in the same sentence. Leave it to the Orioles to go after players who are so close, if not already at, the end of their career. I’m sure our friends over at Bird’s Watcher, the official Orioles blog of would agree with me on that assessment.

The fact is, no one knows if Guerrero will play up to the standard he did last year with the Rangers, or if he will come out looking like he did in his final years with the Angels. We shall see!

Either way, the Angels will be adding more power to their lineup than they currently have. Considering what’s really left in the free-agent market, I feel that the team should take what they can get!

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