Rumored Trade: Vernon Wells For Mike Napoli And Juan Rivera Is Official

By Unknown author

There has been a lot of chatter this afternoon but it looks like the Halos are on the verge of acquiring Vernon Wells for Mike Napoli. Juan Rivera may also be in the deal which would likely mean the Blue Jays will pick up a good portion of Wells’ hefty salary, that will see him make $23 million in 2011 and $21 million each season between 2012-2014

Hangout View :If the Jays are  picking up a decent amount of Wells’ salary then I like the deal. Wells (32) is a legit power bat (.475 career slugging pct. ) and if moved to LF could be among the best fielders at the position. The Angels will have some options to consider if this move goes through that could tremendously impact the lineup. Lets take a look at how this potential trade could shape the angels batting order in 2011.

The most likely option would place Wells in left  field,  with Abreu as the full time DH , Torii Hunter in right field and Peter Bourjos in center. The other option would be to let Bourjos improve with the bat either as the 4th outfielder or likely in AAA and stick Abreu in left. The Angels could then sign Manny or Vlad and that lineup actually looks pretty potent.  However  the potential outfield of  Bourjos in center flanked by Wells and Torii could be among the best defensive outfields  in the game.

Here’s how the lineup with both options could look.

  • Option 1Bourjos – CFAbreu – DHWells – LFMorales – 1BHunter – RFKendrick – 2BConger/ Mathis – CCallaspo/Izturis – 3BAybar – SS

Option 2

Abreu – LF
Kendrick – 2B
Wells – CF
Morales – 1B
Vlad / Manny- DH
Hunter – RF
Conger/Mathis – C
Callaspo/Izturis – 3b
Aybar – SS

Overall this could be a good move for the Angels IF the Blue Jays are paying some of  Wells’ salary. Otherwise the Angels will be paying Wellls more than they offered Carl Crawford and that really doesn’t make any sense.

More on this as it becomes official.

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